Rustic Heart Bracelet

Heavy handmade bracelet with two hearts – the chubby ”Rustic Heart” and the ”Long Rustic Heart” – (as the bracelet clasp). Absolutely amazing nice weight and feel! Pictures in silver and gold. The gold has a regular carbine hook instead of the heart.

Total length including hearts is 24 cm, adjustable length up to 20 cm.
Dimensions of Rustic heart: 13*17 mm.
Dimensions of Rustic long heart (lock): 23*6 mm
Weight about 38 grams

Available in

  • Silver 925 sterling
  • Standard rosé gold 18 K
  • White gold 18 K
  • Pink gold 18 K
  • Champagne gold 18 K
  • Platinum 950
  • Palladium 950