Imperial Walker – At-At

Here it finally is – the All Terrain Armored Transport you’ve all been waiting for!
The super cool and cute At-At, also called imperial walkers or At-At walkers, entered the Clone Wars for the first time in episode V (the empire strikes back) in 1980, and this is my own ’fan version’ of it.

It is made in silver all by hand, in my small workshop in Sweden. The prototype took me around 70 working hours to complete (which is A LOT) and I made the legs movable, just like they are on my model of R2D2. Yes, that’s right – THE LEGS MOVE! This isn’t just a piece of awesome super geeky jewelry but also a toy!

It is quite large because I wanted as many of the details to show as possible.
Measurements as follows:

Weight: ~25 grams
Hight: ~40 mm
Length: ~35 mm
Width: ~13 mm

This can be made without loops maybe to add to your geeky collection? Otherwise it’s made with a regular loop to wear as a necklace or a carbine hook (as you can see clearly on picture no 1).
The chain (if you choose that option) that comes with it, is a longer one so the At-At will hang a little lower than my other stuff regularly does. About 27 inch/ 70 cm. If you wear it on the higher part of your stomach you can also play with it during the day! Awesome huh? 😉