LovePaws Sweden

LovePaws Sweden is a project I came up with a few years ago, and it has been ”a sleep” for a couple of years now. The original name was ”LovePaws” which I had to change due to ’someone else’ taking both the domain name and also used parts of my logo. So, my new name is LovePaws Sweden, so no confusion regarding who I am. I’m still Sarah and I still love cats and other animals. 😉

This collection of hand made, high quality cat inspired jewelry, was made with an aim to support shelters for homeless cats. In the beginning I gave every piece of the income away, which unfortunately eventually led me to stop making them because I couldn’t afford it, plane and simple.

The new idea is making these jewelry, old and new, and donate 10% to animal charity once a year. This so I can continue making them (without having to pay for it with no salary). ^_^

I hope you love the jewelry and please let me know if you have any questions regarding LovePaws Sweden. Link to my web shop is: LovePawsSweden